Our history

″Tu-Tell″ is the company of international cargo transportation. After all, we not only have permanent partners in Russia and Poland, but we are also widely known for their competence in all European countries.

Having started its activities in 1996 as a transport-forwarding enterprise by Dmitry Tutov, by 2003 the company has grown up to the Unitary private forwarding companies. The company had own transport from 10 to 120 m3 and carrying capacity from 1.5 tons to 20 tons. But the company's management felt the need to make a separate department of the expedition as a legal structure with broader opportunities for growth, introduction of new directions of development and operative decision of any questions.

2 offices for up to 33 working places were equipped for productive work. But due to the isolated location of offices, the need emerged to create a new single working place. Therefore, in August 2013 modernized designed large office was opened, a technology-the latest requirements and complies with the high standards of the organization of international expedition and logistics activities.

″Tu-Tell″ — is the round world shipping of any cargo to any distance.

Our company is a team of high level professionals with extensive experience in the field of transportation. Most of our specialists are holders of professional certificates in various areas of the transport business.

Since 2008 up to now, ″Tu-Tell″ offers a full complex of services for transportation of part and complete cargoes by all types of transport. We always use individual approach to each cargo. ″Tu-Tell″ offers optimal routes and terms of delivery, having the opportunity of consolidation in Poland.

In 2011, the company filed an application for registration of his trademark. In February 2014 trademark was officially registered by the National center of intellectual property in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus ″On trademarks and service marks″.

″Tu-Tell″ is an associated member of Association of International the expedition and logistics ″BAME″ from 2014

″Tu-Tell″ has a long and exemplary way of formation and development.