Groupage cargo transportation

Company ″Tu-Tell″ has wide experience in transportation of cargoes from all over Europe to Russia

Groupage cargo transportation is a very responsible process, which means that we transport little consignments of goods from different consignors to different consignees using one transport for all. If you need to deliver a little consignment, but you are not ready to pay for the assemblage, then groupage cargo transportation is the best solution for you.

The main plus is the minimal cost. Due to the large traffic, we always provide our customers with good prices.

You pay onlyfor the place that your cargo will occupy in the truck

We can arrange for Express cargo pick-up from shipper with the possibility of storage in our warehouse as much as you want.

Although the term of cargo delivery in the composition of the Groupage cargo transportation is not so short, as during transport with transshipment scheme solo+solo or part+solo, the main task of our company is following promised to our clients the delivery terms.