Company ″Tu-Tell″ carries out transportation of small-size and large cargoes under the scheme: Groupage cargo transportation+solo and solo+solo.

Fast fence the goods on a warehouse of the sender is plus for your business.

If necessary, we also call the sender of the goods for further details. If it is an urgently to pick up the cargo from a warehouse, we offer our clients the transportation with the transshipment and consolidation in Polland.

The price for such transportation is always below.

So we pick up goods from the warehouse of the sender. Then the cargo follows to one of our warehouses in Poland. Then we overload the cargo to another truck, which goes to the warehouse of the recipient. Transportation in this way is carried out both for import and for export.

Our professional advantages:

  • cooperation at every stage of the journey with reliable carriers;
  • transshipment experienced staff;
  • we are always in touch with our drivers and warehouse staff;
  • there are no unsolvable issues and problems for ″Tu-Tell″.